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    hello! ;)

    We are TPC, a new concept in agency that works to offer global solutions for your events, backed by our method of talent, passion and creativity.


Have you heard of TPC? No? Never mind! We love to meet new people, different people.

Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We possess all the necessary Talent to create maximum exposure for your brand. We believe that every single project is unique and we design our campaigns based on your objectives and goals, striving for mutual success.

We are all about ability and attitude. We have chosen to be where we are because we love what we do and we prove this by committing ourselves to every project. We are all about Passion.

We ooze confidence; we are capable of creating, designing and executing unique actions to strengthen your strategy. We are all about Creativity.

The TPC world

Combining our main attributes of Talent, Passion and Creativity, the TPC method is capable of transforming your events.

We firmly believe in the power of ideas, creative energy, imagination, innovation, the wow factor, and two-way communication…

The TPC method is the added value you need to make your events into unique experiences.


We have built a large pool of talent based on specialisation. Designers, meeting planners, creative experts, decorators, graphic designers…

All together we comprise 360º teams; we visualise the event from every angle.

A generation of professionals with different profiles, but with one thing in common: TPC.


We provide you with all the resources, tools and technologies you could need, combined with the sole aim of turning your event into a global, resounding success.

  • Creative experts and graphic designers
  • Technology & AV advice and production
  • Experts in temporary design and build
  • Specialists in the production of unique actions
  • Experts in coordination, management and logistics
  • R & D

What we do

We specialise in:



Contact us

Contact us!

Avenida Diagonal, 309 1ºA
08013 Barcelona
Tel. (34) 93 458 59 28
Fax. (34) 93 207 78 10